Customer Relationship Management

Collect Valuable Customer Data

Keep your customer contact details in one place and up-to-date while gaining actionable insight into your business’s sales operation – all from one CRM software solution. Our drag & drop form builder helps you collect and intake the client data you need for your funnels, operations, and onboarding needs.

Accurate and Efficient Customer Data

Have a ton of customer data and no way to process it? Persistent Assistant lets you turn your customer data into valuable and actionable insight where everything is listed on one, user-friendly platform. From here, all of your employees can update records and stay in-the-know about the latest developments.

Record, Understand, and Conquer

Persistent Assistant benefits the entire company. Sales teams will understand their pipeline and performance better, while marketing teams can make accurate forecasts with easy-to-understand logs. In fact, it also makes the overall communication within the company a lot simpler and more transparent. Teams can now set their goals and work from it with complete visibility! With our tag features, you can market & sales more efficiently.

Create Custom Forms

Personalized To Fit Your Business Needs

Our CRM features lets you access important customer data wherever you are. This gives you and your crew the freedom to grow your business with everything they need in one, easy-to-access platform.

Growing Feature List

• Sales Funnels

Automated followups

Inbound/Outbound Calls

Inbound/Outbound Text Messaging

Social Media Scheduler

Team Calendars

Reputation Management

Workflow Automation

Signup Sheets

No-Ring Voicemail Drops

Facebook & Instagram Messaging

Contact Management

• Google/Outlook Integration

Stripe Integration

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